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Sittee River and Sittee Point By The Caribbean Sea


There must be a thousand good places and beaches in the Caribbean Sea, but there's one place that comes to my mind first. Sittee Point is situated in South Belize's Stann Creek District and has a lot to offer to those who seek a nice place to retire.

Sittee Point is a community that is just getting started. It's already platted and most properties are sold. You can every once in a while find one for sale on DinoRealty.com but if you get one, better hold on to it. There are three main types of properties to choose from. The most expensive ones are of course properties with Caribbean beach front. Some of them have a canal front in the back of the property. Then there are Sittee River front properties. And last but not least there are lots in between which are either Sitte River view lots or Caribbean beach view lots.

The Sittee River flows into the Caribbean Sea at Sittee Point. One special feature about the river is that is has fresh as well as salt water in it. The lighter freshwater is at the surface, but only a few feet deep and you will get salt water. Sittee River is an awesome place for fishing. There are peacock bass, tarpon and much more.

There are several public access roads leading to the Caribbean Sea. So even if you do not get a Sea front property, you will still be able to get to the sea. The beach at Sittee Point has white sand and the water is fairly shallow. Sittee Point is one of the more calmer beaches with very few or now strong currents and undertows. That makes this beach especially save for kids. However, still be careful!

An awesome activity is to go for a walk on the beach in the morning after the tide has gone out. There will often times be shrimp stranded on the beach. You can also find all kinds of shells and even live conchs. There are also lots of small sting rays and some jelly fish. Go for a walk after a storm and you will be surprised what washes ashore. It's like going on a treasure hunt. You can find anything from nice glass bottle to worthless shoes.

The very tip of Sittee Point is designated as the Nature Preserve. Most of that is covered with mangroves and thick jungle like vegetation. It's a heaven for tropical birds such as parrots and toucans. There are also big iguanas and who knows what else. On one walk to the beach I saw a lot of crabs.

The beach front properties have seen the most developments and many houses have been built there. There are currently only a few houses at the river at the time of this writing I have not seen any of the view lots being used. Whether you plan on living there now, later for retirement or just to have your own vacation retreat, the Sittee Point Community has a lot to offer. All lots have electric, water, phone and even cable TV along the road. Hopkins Village and Sittee Village are the closest two villages. The closest bigger town with shopping places Dangriga.

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