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Paradise Acres Hawaii

Quick Stats

Location: United States, HI, South of Hilo
Acres: 0.184
Asking: US$ 24995.00
Terms: Total purchase price is $24,995.00 which can be paid off in monthly payments of $245.00 at 10%. $0 down payment. There is no penalty for paying off early. Discount available with higher down payment.
Contact: contact us
Listing#: 67
Updated: February 07th, 2012
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A 8010 sqft property on Hawaii in the Hawaiian Paradise Acres Subdivision. I don\'t have much info on this lot, but it\'s Hawaii, how bad can it be? Have a look at all the pictures! This lot has electric, possibly phone. There is no property owners association, fewer restrictions. If you have any questions or need more info, just ask.

There is a $149.00 document fee. Total purchase price is $24,995.00 which can be paid off in monthly payments of $245.00 at 10% There is no penalty for paying off early.

Here are tons of pictures of this lot. Contact me for plat map.For sale is lot 13


Pahoa is an historic town, built between 1909 and 1919. Many of the old buildings have been preserved as they were when they were built. The Akebono theater is the oldest operating theater in the Hawaiian Islands. On the weekends, golden oldies are shown. On the main street, Government Road, there is an old hotel, a bed and breakfast amid numerous shops and restaurants. The restaurants serve a variety of foods, Mexican, Thai, Chineese and western. The most recent additions are the expresso bar and bakery and the Black Rock Cafe. One of the old buildings on main street is the Turn Around Inn which dates back to sugar cane days when the cane from the area was shipped into Hilo for processing. People who wish to have a picnic can buy sandwiches and other lunches at either the natural food store or at the Cash and Carry. Along with the old is the new: a health clinic, doctor\'s office, drug store, swimming pool, and real estate office. Pahoa has had many industries in the past. It began as a mill town, shaping railway ties for mainland railways. In sugar cane days Pahoa became the crossroads for the railway. Now flowers are exported all over the world. Many florests in the area will pack flowers for you to take home with you or will ship them for you. Notice the shade cloths along the way, they protect amtheriums and orchids from the sun. Fruit growing is also a major industry. Recently a fish farm has started producing fish down at the coast in Paradise Park.

On highway 132, east of Pahoa, is Lava Tree State Park. This park was formed 200 years ago when arapidly a moving lava flow passed throught the area. The lava hardened around the Ohia trees forming chimney like structures that haunt the landscape. The walk through the park is about a mile long.

The lighthouse at Kumukahi Point was spared when, in 1960, a vent opened in the area and took out the village of Kapoho and covered the area with lava. You need to see it to believe it.

At the sea side, near Kapoho vacation land properties, are fish ponds which contain a wide variety of tropical fish and coral. This is a great place to go snorkeling.

At Ahalanui (the millionair\'s pond) fresh water heated to steam on the lava far below the surface of the earth, rises to mix with and heat the ocean water to create a warm scwimming pool.

For a view of the King\'s Highway, and one of the largest ironwood forests in Puna, MacKenzie State Recreational Area is the place to go. Off the cliffs whales, dolphins, yellow fin tuna, and turtles can often be seen. If you like to explore lava tubes, there is one in this park, about 100 feet east of the picnic shelter there is an opening into one. Be sure to take your flashlight.

Kehena is the one beach in the Puna district where swimming can be done safely. The beach is unmarked except by the cars that are always parked there. Early morning is the best time to see and swim with the dolphins. This is another area where you can see the King\'s Highway.

PUNA ROADS: The road along the coast is narrow and winding, but the rewards for driving slowly are many, around every bend is a new breathtaking view. The trees make a canape over the road, vines hang from them, making a truly beautiful tropical drive.

At the end of the road where Kalapan and the Black Sand Beach once were the coffee shop has reopened as Verna\'s #5. There is a new beach where palm trees have been planted, feel free to plant one of your own.

The Star of the Sea Church, which commemorates the first church built by Father Damien, now has a foundation and a three acre home and soon will become part of a visitor\'s center.

STEAM VENTS: For the adverturous tourist a walk to the steam vents is fun. Some of the cinder cones have been made into steambaths. Wooden benches have been placed in them so that steam bathing is great! Caution is advised always have some one with you when you go in.



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